Agreements of Other Normatives

This thesis project consists of a workshop that investigates the performative act of designers in producing gendered product aesthetics. Product designers make active choices in the project they are working on, but what about the not so active choices, the once that just happen because it looks right or because it fits the product? By putting the gendered assumptions of fomgiving into the hands of the designers, I hope to generating a realisation of the (re)creation of the gender norms of society into products. I wish to put the designers in a position where they formgive wrong in relation to the norms of product aesthetics, so that the form feels unfitting or misplaced. This to expose the suggestion of how the development of products not only is an iterative design process, but also an iterative process of re-installing norms and objectives of society into the design. My workshop asks if things can be seen differently. What could be alternative product aesthetics, and can we practise a norm which is more inclusive?

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